RESURGIR ONG has various purposes, which, when developed and executed, will have a direct impact on solving the problems faced by people and/or localities with limited resources. 

YO) Create programs to obtain food, clothing and medicine to provide them according to our distribution strategies to the most vulnerable population in urban and rural regions, that is, people with limited resources. Programs that will be presented to private, public, national and international institutions.

II) Develop and present decent and safe housing projects for people with limited resources or prone to danger, projects that will be presented to different public, private, national and international entities.

III) Design educational programs and projects that lead to the intellectual development of children and adolescents through the NGO's own educational software and apps.

IV) Contribute to the educational development of children.

V) Promote the use of educational technology for children in schools, institutes or educational centers.

SAW) Introduce children and adolescents to the technological field for educational purposes.

VII) Develop skills in other educational aspects in childhood and adolescence through musical, cultural and other projects in which they like to perform.

VIII) Provide children and adolescents through technology a better future.

IX) Encourage children and adolescents through these applications and software to continue studying and not drop out.

X) Raise awareness through these educational projects that the development of a country lies in education.

XI) Bring large, medium or small companies into this NGO so that, with their support of any kind, the projects grow.

XII) Provide training, talks and / or educational technifications, to the different schools, institutes or educational centers, both urban and rural.

XIII) Design, create and establish programs, centers and/or health posts for low-income people.

fourteenth) Create clinical centers for social assistance.

XV) Create clinical centers for the detoxification and rehabilitation of people with alcoholism and drug addiction problems.

16th) Create clinics that provide social and psychological programs for people with drug and alcohol problems.

seventeenth) Create medicine distribution centers either free or at low cost.

XVIII) Design information methods and/or talks on topics such as family planning, contraceptive methods, among others.

XIX) Creation of health days, in any place that requires it as long as they demonstrate that they do not have a way to cover them financially.

xx) Structure plans to execute in the event of a natural disaster and thus be able to help the population that is affected in these unfortunate events.

XXI) Create sustainable programs and projects that inform, train and execute environmental sanitation policies, as well as programs on the subject of water, in different urban and rural communities with community leaders.

xxii) Create training, production, training and/or modernization centers to support people with the following circumstances:

to) scarce resources;

b) with some kind of physical problem;

c) with some type of problem of alcoholism and/or drug addiction;

d) with some kind of psychosocial problem; e) with another type of problem in which social assistance is required.

xxiii) Apply for and help the different people in the communities that the NGO helps to train, rehabilitate, become more technical, etc., to get a job through the different virtual employment platforms, as well as in the different companies that support this project.

RESURGIR ONG may also develop and carry out these and other social projects, as well as accept internal and external donations, contract loans and enter into agreements with national and international institutions to achieve its goals.