How to Collaborate?

All types of collaboration contribute to fulfilling our purpose as an organization, be part of the change by helping low-income communities.

It consists of giving a contribution of any kind, the godmother or godfather will decide, whether it is monthly, bimonthly or the period they choose, said help will serve to sustain the organization.

It is a monetary aid that any company, organization, person or entity can send us, without any sponsorship commitment with the organization, this aid will contribute to achieving the goals of the NGO.

Any type of material that you provide us can be used to comply with the various programs that the organization has. 

This help refers to any type of real estate that they can provide us, to execute the projects that require it.  

Any computer equipment, tablets, electronics, among other devices that you can provide us, will be of great help to the NGO.

Medicines of any kind that can be donated to us would greatly support us in the health activities that the organization has. 

The perishable and non-perishable foods that you can donate to us will be used in our organization's food programs. 

Any person or entity that wishes to donate anything, no matter how minimal, will be of great help. RESURGIR ONG will make the most of it to carry out our work.